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Integrated Education Management System

IEMS is comprehensive software system that covers all administration and operations of the educational institution. IEMS is a one package system that eliminates the need for multiple education software system. Its a combination of Student information system(SIS), ERP, CRM, LMS, Academics Management System.

Personalised Learning & Smart Teaching System

Learning management system(LMS), Curriculum Mapping and Learning Outcomes tool, learning plans, advanced grading system, content authoring tool & E-learning system, workspaces, online assessments, smart reporting & analytics, learning outcomes-recommendations system

HR Payroll and Accounting System

Complete accounting, HR and payroll system. Payables and receivables, budgeting, cash accounting, general ledger, asset management, student fee management system.

Student Information and Master Data Management

Administration & master data management, student registration, enrollment and online admissions, automated scheduler, staff management, course registration, transcript management, smart reporting, session change management, ID card, dynamic roles for all users

Library, Transportation & Third Party Apps

Cafeteria, hostel management, library, transportation, distance education system, payment gateway, google apps and other third party software integration.

Single-Sign-On to all LMS, SIS and ERP modules and functions

Get all packages (LMS, SIS, ERP , Special Education, Library, Transportation, Cafeteria, State Reports etc.) or pick and choose a combination of 1 or more packages

IEMS Advantages

Personalised Learning system & Smart Teaching System

-- Recommendations

-- Individual Learning Plans

-- Self Learning


Single-Sign-On to all LMS, SIS and ERP modules and functions

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