About Us

Revolution Next Technologies, started in 2008, is software company focusing in education technology. Our core product - IEMS(Integrated Education Management) System is The First and Only "All-In-One" Secure SaaS Platform Solution for Schools, Colleges & Universities.

  • We are a Next Generation Software Company. Over 10 years history in education technology
  • Experts in development of High-Tech, Ultra Efficient, Superior Quality, Low Cost, Intelligent web applications and mobile apps
  • We use latest technologies for software development and are regularly updating our software skillset. All our products are developed using open source packages and frameworks.
  • We Focus on business and mission critical applications and software products to cut customer costs, increase profits and improve productivity
  • Through the use of our software products our customers are able to increase their profits, create new revenue generation opportunities, reduce their costs, improve employee productivity and satisfaction and increase their own client satisfaction
  • Our Pricing is always geared to focus on low-cost maintenance and deployment of software products
  • We develop and deliver Hi-Tech Software products and are looking for opportunities to serve you in the best possible way. We clearly define the quality assurance process and encourage understanding on behalf of all involved parties at our client organizations. We align the objectives and outputs of the quality process with your expectations
  • We Build confidence in the quality process based on an approach that is planned, consistently executed, and measured through our advanced, complex, software specific framework.
  • Company has its office locations in India and USA

Our Vision and Mission

Revolution Next Technologies aims to be a World Class Ed-Tech Software Company enabling all types of educational institutions to have a single sign-on, Low Cost, Hi-tech, Ultra Efficient, smart teaching and personalized learning software solution for complete automation. Revolution Next seeks to deliver the solutions with use of latest technology & Innovation, relevant Domain Expertise and Excellent Customer Service

  • To Offer Reliable, Low Cost, Superior Quality, Ultra Efficient software products to our Clients
  • To have an excellent Cost Advantage, Higher ROI for the clients by providing Valuable Products and Services
  • To provide and Establish Artificial Intelligence product Industry in India and other parts of the World
  • To become one of the top leading Hi-Tech Software Development Company
  • To establish quality standards across Ed-Tech software industry Verticals and have a commitment to clients and markets

Values & Business Philosophy

  • Unquestioned Integrity and Ethics in every aspect of our business.
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectations.
  • Persistent and creative pursuit of opportunities in Indian and Overseas markets
  • Consistent Innovation for Improvement in Expertise and Excellence in all functional and technical areas
  • Commitment and Faith in every employee and importance to human potential and values
  • Operating in a fiscally sound manner.
  • Recognition of the importance of our clients and customers. Focus on Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • To be a Responsible Corporate Citizen
We believe in better way of learning
Learn at your own choice of time, place, pace, and on a customized learning path
Our mission is to enable all types of learners to have the facility of personalized and customized learning