Integrated Education Management System

An innovative cloud-based "all-in-one" plug and play school management solution designed. Tested and validated over five years to replace stand alone systems that present barriers to innovation and systemic change in our schools.

  • Private cloud-based platform available anywhere, anytime
  • Highly efficient centralized database shared by all modules
  • 1000+ reports available in both extensive graphical and printable formats
  • 50+ integrated modules; 60+Dynamic user roles
  • Ultra-efficient algorithms and structured workflows for all functionalities
  • Significant cost savings over multiple stand-alone solutions
  • Content authoring tools, online assessments, web pages, 3rd party integration - google, YouTube, Khan Academy, Flickr.
  • Online communication and emails, student appraisals, advanced attendance and grade book, calendar, planner
  • Online homework, projects, notes, presentations, lectures, online exams, course evaluation, advanced student analytics
  • Lesson plans, online submissions, smart teaching, dynamic report writer, 24/7 access, shared drives, unlimited storage
  • Systemic administration, efficient resource management and automation of all business processes, multi - language system
  • Complete master data management, users registration, virtual campus setup, automatic scheduler, system configuration
  • Real time system and user activity logs, transcript management, state and federal reporting, session change, user help desks
  • Plug & Play Model, School and district version, high priority 24/7 support, centralized/decentralized systems
  • Complete Accounting/Finance, HR/Payroll system, accounts payables, receivables, fixed assets, cashier, general ledger, accounting configuration
  • Teacher and student training, jobs-boards, cafeteria management, fee management, committees and budgeting system
  • Automatic and manual resource allocation system for security, food service,room allocation, transportation and library system
  • Compliant with current states & federal requirements