IEMS Modules

IEMS - A unique, fully integrated, single sign-on platform

Get all packages (LMS, SIS, ERP , Special Education, Library, Transportation, Cafeteria, State Reports etc.) or pick and choose a combination of 1 or more packages

Profile view, online communication, associated courses and class details, question bank setup, salary information, forums and group discussions.

Complete view of timetable, gradebook, attendance, and syllabus: students can view, download and submit assignments, projects and forums via online communication with teachers.

Real time interaction with teachers, real time status of student progress with full view of report card, attendance, HW, announcements and attendance, online.

Complete gradebook to enter, edit or view grades, online & pdf grade reports, and select optional tasks for finalizing internal and external assessments.

Enter or update student attendance in day, week or month view, with multiple attendance reporting options.

Create view, edit and post homework, assignments and projects, online and other submission options, with receipt acknowledgement.

Profile view, online communication, associated courses and class details, question bank setup, salary information, forums and group discussions.

Setup of curriculum, standard, goals, objectives- learning outcomes, curriculum mapping tool for units and lesson plans

Content Authoring Tool, Create online lessons integrated with quizzes(integration with question banks), integration of content from other publishers(youtube, flickr and khan academy), real time student analytics

Create, view & edit content, multiple format options available (including ppt), notes can be saved and reused, create & edit lecture notes in ppt format, and students can view or download notes, web pages

Complete online exam calendar and roster setup, exam room scheduling, exam administration management, testing materials setup, with multiple option question bank.

Send announcements, notices, and alerts to teachers, staff, students and parents via internal/external email and text messaging.

Administrators setup and monitor all forums, teachers can post to forums for classes they teach, and students can post and view forums classes they attend.

Dynamic Reports & Snapshots

Creation of survey topics and items, selection of students to be surveyed, detailed result reports, teacher management of automated student response surveys during class.

Students can check and analyze the current grades, view and can plan for future tasks and exams. Identify score needed to achieve a certain grade

Real time student interaction with current lesson, teachers can grade student interaction and collaboration performance in class room

Create, View and Edit academic calendar, manage student event & activities, grade student performance

Student project collaboration application, policy management, report writing, document management, project planning, moderated by teacher

Online private secured document and file storage for all user, encrypted storage, automatic access and collaboration with google drive

Task planners similar to outlook calendar, Student appraisal reports based on achievement, class participation, conduct, and work habits posted to parents module.

Teachers can create customized online surveys and forms, and review results online using multiple reporting options.

Google Apps for education and personal google apps integration, single sign-on, integration with other 3rd party apps based on api access.

Students, teachers, parents, and staff master information: virtual school setup, account creation, user profile setup and complete control over all functionalities.

Profile view, online communication, associated courses and class details, question bank setup, salary information, forums and group discussions.

Student master data management, student document management, student family info, edit, update student information

Student Re-Enrollment process, course selection and scheduling process, student program services

Automatic timetable session setup, semi-automatic scheduling for class/section based on multiple rules, timetable views available in all user modules.

Special education module for specially-abled students

Incident management, incident resolution, parent reporting, incident meetings

Online admission application forms with multiple form options, online entry by applicants, online entry by school admissions officers.

Reports as per user roles: student information reports, grade reports, attendance reports, admission reports, placement reports, accounting, fees and salary reports.

Automated and manual exam room scheduling for single room and/or multiple room testing for all types of assessments.

Complete archiving and online viewing of all past class data with multiple online and printable reports available.

Complete archiving and online viewing of all past class data with multiple online and printable reports available.

Online integration of regional and distance learning centers, online student registration, fee payment and approval process, with MIS reports

Complete reports of past academic details, including grade book and current standing reports, discussion forums, and online communication.

Automated batch Jobs for general, academic, accounting and finance alerts; customized batch jobs can be created as needed.

Help and support management system for all users, issue logging and resolution, reports

GPA/CGPA configuration and setup, Complete grade finalization process, transcript creation and updation, approval process

Course curriculum setup for all grade levels, automated student registration

Employee master details and attendance, employee and student appraisals, student progress, graphical admission and accounting reports.

Access to all apps of IEMS based on dynamic roles and functionality access

Setup, add, edit, update staff profile information; online communication with administrators, teachers and other staff; employment facts such as salary, leaves, attendance and benefits details.

Setup and configuration of user roles to provide access privileges and rights to system modules and functionalities consistent with approved organizational duties and responsibilities.

Provides communication to all staff and students, including reports of student performance, teacher attendance and appraisals, and complete view of accounting details.

Student ID card generation with different bar code formats, integration with other functionalities and third party vendor equipment.

Student health data setup, student conditions, office visits, vaccination setup and management, student screening, health reports

Library setup, multiple resource-type cataloging, bar code label generation for all resource types, online book search and requests, with overdue fee and lost book management and reconciliation.

Employee master setup with online attendance management, salary and benefit setup, income tax calculation, automated salary calculation and payment.

Automated non-instructional employee appraisal setup, three level review types: reviewers and appraisers, employee self-appraisals, and reviews by supervisors.

Fee setup with multiple fee setup options, multiple options to receive fees and vouchers, online and printable fee and student ledger reports.

Petty cash receivables, payables, and petty cashier reports

Purchase order creation, invoice creation, invoice payment, dynamic association of vendor/customer accounts with accounting funds, invoice cancellation and refunds, sub ledger view of vendor/customer accounts and reports.

Bank reconciliation, adjustments, trial balance, profit-loss statement, balance sheet statement, cash flow, financial condition and liquidity, debt ratios, profitability and stock holder equity

Creation of depreciation method, disposal types, setting up transactional rules, asset maintenance, asset depreciation, asset sale and asset disposal.

Pay cash entry, receive cash entry, payment of vendor invoice, and receive customer payment, handle petty accounts, sub ledger and ledger views, journal entry, cancellation/refund journal and messaging

All cost accounting related functionalities are provided

RFP request and approval process, purchase order creation and approval process

Committee/Area setup, committee/area members, event management, event budget setup and approvals, requisition and approval process

Creation and addition of inventory items, teacher/student inventory request system, store inventory check-in/check-out system, with reporting and automated reminders.

Online transactions with different banks and different types of security checks, with API support for multiple languages.

Online employee recruitment, with employer job postings, resume searches, and candidate selection, includes account activation, resume activation, online and pdf placement reports.

Cafeteria Management

Route creation, automatic vehicle allocation system, student transportation request system, and integration with accounting.

Complete integration of dormitory facilities with manual and automatic room allotment and room transfer, online room requests, accounting and reporting.

Absence form submission under parent module, communication with teachers, online absence coding by teachers, integration with attendance records.

Students interview schedule,